Wednesday, March 25, 2009

hello world

The name "On This Singularity" popped into my head as a header under which to organize my thoughts about our modern experience. Since thought here is so very close to substance, it has become already something you can nearly grasp!

Pope Salmon the Lesser Mungojelly


  1. emenne was the captcha word for my comment...I have quite a thing for the capthcha words, wondering what they might mean, some of them so full of promise or clear meaning already!

  2. this fellow durtro used to always say what the captcha was when he posted to the usenet group i (sorta) founded, alt.alt.alt.alt.alt, and to look for hidden symbolic meaning in it! i like google's captchas, they have a distinct character to them, it's way easier and more fun than random letters. i think my favorite captchas though are the ones where you digitize old books, because then it's actually a productive use of your time! :)